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An escaped slave from a Rautai saltpeter mine, The Effigy draws from a reservoir of pure hate for those that have harmed them. Tormented by the ghosts of their past, deaths they witnessed and those they caused, they lack the will to confront foes directly. Instead, they wait in silence, crafting bizarre and unnerving totems that resonate with power. When threatened they unleash a blood rage, surviving vicious wounds and lashing out in unbelievable speed against those who strike them. They reserve their most vicious attacks for those from the spirit world that have manifested among us. 

Their weak will makes them susceptible to all forms of mental manipulation and frequent changing alliances, though they resist the weakest forms of fear. When wounded, they become even more powerful - an unstoppable terror that shrugs off any assaults on their body and is fueled by torch and flame. When drunk they become immune to any attempts to stop them, short of pure physical violence. Truly a horrific creature to behold. 

Crowned in pure disdain
Barely able to contain
Now this will all end in blood
Cleansing, lasting, murderous




Difficulty: PotD v. 5.0
Game Mode: RTwP (Not ideal for Turn-based, given the reduced number of auto-attacks and the reduced value of recovery reduction/elimination)
Solo: No 
Class: Barbarian (Fury Shaper)
Race: Wild Orlan
Background: Rauatai (CON) - Slave (Survival, Athletics, Streetwise)
MIG 10 
CON 19 (+1 Rauatai)
DEX 10
PER 20 (+2 Orlan) - Divine Power: Skean sees all mistreatment and abuse
INT 15
RES 4 (+1 Orlan) - Divine Flaw: Skaen is haunted and a coward and is easily manipulated by the strong willed
Abilities | Skills | Proficiencies (a=automatic)
01. Frenzy + Shape Ward: Frenzy (a) + Carnage (a) + Furyshaper (a) | Flail, Sword
02. Barbaric Yell | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
03. Thick Skinned + Barbaric Blow | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
04. Accurate Carnage| +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise | Battle Axe
05. One Stands Alone + Two Weapon Style| +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
06. Bloodlust | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
07. Barbaric Shout + Blood Frenzy + Shape Ward: Fear (a) | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
08. Savage Defiance | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise | Greatsword
09. Barbaric Smash + Bloody Slaughter (III) | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
10. Tough | +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise
11. Brute Force + Bear’s Fortitude (III) | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
12. Blooded (I) | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff | Stiletto
13. Blood Storm + Stalwart Defiance | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
14. Blood Thirst | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
15. Two-Handed Style (II) | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
16. Heart of Fury + Vengeful Defeat + Shape Ward: Blood (a) | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff | Club
17. Improved Critical | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
18. Threatening Presence or Uncanny Luck | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
19. Barbaric Retaliation + Blood Surge| +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff
20. Dazing Shout | +1 Athletics, +1 Bluff | Dagger
Items (!)=important, (r)=recommended
Weapon Set 1: (!) Whispers of Yenwood (Whetted, Unfaltering), (!) Ball and Chain (Indomitable, Subjugation)  

Extra DMG against Spirits is on brand here, along with the boost in Crit DMG and CON. Our WILL is already so low, that we don’t care if it drops even farther. The CON buff stays for the whole fight, even if we switch weapons. One we have Barbaric Retaliation, we will switch on the Sword Modal and leave it for increasing our chance to be crit by enemies.  Ball and Chain is on brand as a weapon of liberation and violent revenge. 10% chance to recover immediately on Crit feeds our DMG engine nicely. Reduced Action speed and Knock Down when we Crit them is also helpful to slow down the incoming DMG a little bit. It also means we can shut down single targets if given a chance to focus them. Flail Modal plus Heart of Fury means we have softened the group for AoE fire spells. 

Weapon Set 2: ® Sanguine Greatsword (Prepare the Offering, Greater Blood Gift) 

Mostly a fun item with a cool path to acquire it. Fits our blood theme, and adds some healing to the mix. Greatsword Modal is a waste here, as we really want to Crit with this weapon. Consider swapping over for a Heart of Fury. 

Head: (!) Rekvu’s Fractured Casque (This way we can replace wards while being wailed on by enemies)
Back: (!) Rekvu’s Scorched Cloak (For pairing with a fire DMG party member(s), ideally a priest), Ragged Cloak (more retaliation DMG on crit)
Neck: Precognition (fits both sides for us - we are gonna be Crit and we are gonna Crit enemies), Claim and Refusal (extra DMG reduction)
Armor: (!) Effigy’s Husk (Armor of Flesh, Skaen’s Hatred) and The Bloody Links (Crimson Steel) or Magnera’s Chain (Staunch, Padded Underlayer) or Crimson Panoply 

Effigy’s Husk gives us MIG immunity, which paired with our boots and gloves & Wael’s Wind or Captain’s Banquet makes us immune to all afflictions, as well as a nasty healing reduction aura that should affect CON immune enemies, and a nice burst of DMG when paired with Vengeful Defeat. You can switch to one of the heavier armors for fights where you need more survivability. 

Waist: (!) The Undying Burden (extra heal, CON, and much needed DMG reduction - flavor text fits)
Hands: (!) Rekvu’s Stained Grips (CON Immunity - keeps us alive in the midst of the fray)
Rings: Ring of Overseeing, Greater Ring of Regeneration, Whispers from the Depths, Drunkard’s Regret  
Boots: (!) Sandals of the Water Lily (we want that -10 to DEF, and with Affliction Immunity, we don’t care too much about the other defenses)
Trinket: Betrayal (On brand, plus a way to buy a few seconds of time for healing) 



This build takes big hits and dishes them right back out. You will lose health quickly, and can either stay alive with focused healing or death denying effects, or let things run their course and explode with two AoE explosions of DMG. The risk is highest at the start of a fight when there are the greatest number of enemies smashing you. Even at Near Death you will have around 200 HP, which is plenty to take a few hits. With Robust, Shape Ward: Blood, and Second Wind, you can stay alive long enough to take quite a few enemies with you. Any other sources of healing are needed (Old Siec, Lay on Hands, Healing Aura’s, etc.). 

A priest makes an ideal pair with The Effigy. Resurrection, Barring Death’s Door and Salvation of Time can keep the Effigy alive long enough to decimate the enemy. Additionally, once injured, they can unleash fire spells on top of The Effigy, healing it and maximizing foe damage. Storm of Holy Fire and Pillar of Holy Fire are great for this. Divine Mark is a great spell here. It targets WILL (which is crazy low for us). It’s another option for a heal post injury, and a great way to pick up the best injury for The Effigy, serious burn. It also fits our theme, as it’s one of a Skaen Priests’ auto learned spells. 

For Drugs, use Mouth Char or Deadeye. For Food use Wael’s Wind or Captain’s Banquet. Alternatively, use Forgetful Night, Arrack, or Daibō o Osa. 

Edited by Ivanfyodorovich
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Nice. Unfortunately I can't add this to the build list because the update of the forum software has put a restiction on editing: if youe post is older than 8 days you can't edit it anymore. Thus, I can't update the build list. If you want to change that you might want to leave a post in the thread here:

I already asked twice but nothing changed. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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10 hours ago, Boeroer said:

If you want to change that you might want to leave a post in the thread here:

Done! Would love to see that functionality come back for a host of other threads. 

If they don't change it, and we find a mod that's willing to help, would you be up for reposting periodically (if there are new builds), and having the mod unsticky the old and sticky the new? 

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1 minute ago, Ivanfyodorovich said:

Definitely. This build is more flavor in terms of those choices. Human probably works better because the Accuracy bonus they get while bloodied is stronger than 2 PER. 

I really like the flavor you added it's just a personal thing that I really hate to play gnomes/half-lings/orlans etc in rpgs. I always feel like no one takes me serious lol.

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Just now, Rimiu said:

I really like the flavor you added it's just a personal thing that I really hate to play gnomes/half-lings/orlans etc in rpgs. I always feel like no one takes me serious lol.

I totally get it. There’s a little bit of that not being taken seriously that fits here, but really the idea isn’t specific to a race. In terms of game mechanics, The core build works with any race. Orlans have a history of being slaves and their “sneaky” flavor works, but Skaen is equal opportunity! As long as you have high CON and high PER with low DEF it should work well. 

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