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I want to thank Cyrus_Blackfeather for his post.  I decided that a couple of the ones he posted would be better than what I have in there now.


After our bodies fail and memory fades, only our ideals will remain.  Did you fight for yours?

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On 9/1/2019 at 6:53 PM, Jorian Drake said:

I've had a previously requested portrait, can't find my request in my user page though.

It was already fulfulled but now I have a new PC, and need to download the files again. Can someone please help be find it? It was for a female orlan cipher/rogue.

Finally found my orlan portrait again. If anyone else wishes to use it here it was, made with Dex's aid



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Just wanted to share a few portraits i'm using. Thanks to some of the community for helping me out with them.









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23 hours ago, SquareMan1 said:

Would anyone be willing to make a watercolor of this? My attempts have not been too hot.

is that ok?


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