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Best DPS: Wich Sabre Dual Wield can compare with Watcher Blade & Modwyr Dual wield? (Hit to Crit)

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I have a desire to run around with a SC Assassin, a Priest, and a Cipher, and just have the Assassin run around with permanent Vanishing Strike invis, spamming Gambit, while the others have permanent BDD. Now that's gaming.

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8 hours ago, Jayd said:

I have a desire to run around with a SC Assassin, a Priest, and a Cipher, and just have the Assassin run around with permanent Vanishing Strike invis, spamming Gambit, while the others have permanent BDD. Now that's gaming.

Be aware that SoT doesn't work on Vanishing Strike since you're untargetable while the invisbility is active.

The closest to this should be :

  • Brillant on the Rogue from some source (Cipher or Robes of the Weyc).
  • Max INT and Ooblit for vanishing Strike duration around 13s (to be checked).
  • Vanishing Strike every 18s from Brillant
  • Cast Brillant and/or SoT during the the few seconds when the rogue is not invisible.

It seems more tedious than Scordeo's Edge + BDD + SoT even if you don't rely on a 5% proc.

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Has someone here played with the Rännigs Wrath and/or Squids Grasp Rapiers and can say if they viable? Besides the fact that pierce is a suboptimal dmg type.

Rännigs wrath is collecting dust in the inventory of my other characters and I never picked up Squids Grasp

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On 5/26/2019 at 8:36 AM, Boeroer said:

Lightning Strikes I presume? It's either Lightning Strikes or Swift Flurry.

SoT-cheese with Brilliant aside:

There are other options that do a lot more dps -  especially on mobs (not necessarily on single targets) but they trivialize the game so much that it's no fun. E.g. Berserker/Beckoner with Ancient Brittle Bones and Chilling Grave from Grave Calling. Usually instadeath when you proc 18 parallel Chillfogs at once that all profit from the weapon quality enchantments (meaning +dmg and +PEN etc.).

Monk with Whispers of the Wind and a scroll of Avenging Storm, combined with Hand Mortar (Blinding Smoke) and Fire in the Hole (additional jump), Stalking Cloak, Resonant Touch... also usually instadeath if enough enemies stand side by side.

Single Class Streetfighter with Vanishing Strikes, Stalking Cloak, Gambit and dual Mortars + Blinding Smoke/jump and scroll of Avenging Storm + Backstab + Powder Burns: same.

Usually the encounter is over then and you don't need Brilliant not SoT. Unfortunately Megabosses force you to pick a class with replenishable resources. I honestly think that's unfortunate design. 

I also think that Brilliant is way too strong. So instead of removing the possibility to get it to almost zero it would have been better to just nerf Brilliant itself. Acute gives +5 INT and +1 PL. Why Brilliant not simply gives you +3 PL or something is beyond me. Why this game breaking resource generation?

And why aren't there more abilities for rogues, fighters etc. that let them regain resources more reliably? Those 25% on kill and whatever is just... bäh.


I know you've already contributed to the upcoming community patch, but if you ever wanted to release a custom "Boeroer's Cut" rebalance I'd be extremely stoked to play it 😉😉

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On 5/23/2019 at 11:24 PM, Elric Galad said:

I think Scordeo's with Blade Cascade out DPS Mowdyr even without any further trick involved (Wall of Draining, Salvation of Times, Ooblit, High INT, High Attack speed).
1 attack out of 20 basically proc 7 attacks (5s / 0.7 saber attack delay), so it is roughly equivalent to 35% lash (yup, it's an approximation).
I think Scoredo is ahead due to Accuracy bonus + this.

The problem is 5% is fairly unreliable, so in practice, you'll rarely see it.

Mowdyr on the other hand is so versatile that I consider it the "best in slot standard meter".
In order to demonstrate that any weapon is the Best in Slot item for a particular build, it is usually enough to demonstrate that it is better than Mowdyr.
Basically, one cannot go wrong with Mowdyr. 

Berserker with Modwyr and Scordeo's Edge? Never tried barbarians in PoE 2 before, they seemed underwhelming to me.

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Underwhelming? But why?

They are both great as multiclasses (mainly in combination with casters) and also as single class characters (awesome PL 8 and 9 abilities).

The synergy of Morning Star's Body Blows + Barbarian (with Brute Force and Spirit Frenzy's Stagger) is already a reason to pick one. :)

Edited by Boeroer

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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