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Pictures of your games 12

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Been a while, but I've been busy building stuff (surprise!)

My humble abode:

By night:




The tower used to have a trebuchet (you can still see it on the daytime screenshot), but it kept losing stability on each server restart so I've given up on putting it back for now.

I've sort of slowed down working on it (which was mostly decorating the inside and removing some of the leftover T1 stuff) because it, errr, kinda starts to break the server (collision won't properly load, stuff like that).



Derketo temple:


Throne room (the bodyguards are the Thralls I actually use to clear dungeons, left one is retired, right one is the current boss-smacker):

View from above the throne:

I'm collecting representatives of each race in my empire in their racial armour. Still got a few to go, so far there's Darfari, Norheimder, Hyborian, Stygian, Shemite, and Ku****e.

As I've never lived in the jungle before I started looking for a good spot there, which I found, at least for a humbly sized vacation home.
The building to the left, in the back is the actual house, to the right (with the gate) is the Derketo temple, and the main plaza with a well, and the housing for my, errr, employees, as well as basement access.

Some more environment shots:


View from the river, in the background is the city of Xel-Ha, the tree crossing the chasm leads directly to the teleportation stone next to Xel-Ha, so getting to the location is really convenient (but it doesn't have room for a Map Room, so getting out is slightly less convenient).

Coming from the teleportation stone:

It's Lemurian architecture, so lots of bling, especially with torches at night (rather hard to capture in a screenshot)

There's a pretty sizeable cellar underneath that has most of the crafting stations (except for the blacksmith/smelter)

Eventually shoe-horned in a wheel of pain (which there really isn't room for), but I might just build something nearby just to house a Map room and that Wheel of pain without having to expand this in rather ugly ways.

Mod-wise this uses:

  • Lemurian Architect (didn't see that one coming, did you? 😉 )
  • Glass Constructions and more (for the marble floors)
  • Pythagoras Support Beams (to be able to have the giant maproom without having to pollute it with pillars in really inconvenient spots)
  • Limestone Buildings, a Greek server mod (the light touches on the desert base; like the white inner circles on the towers and the main stairs)
  • LBPROE - No NPC camps edition (because building without is just a royal pain)

EDIT: poor Kush-ites, getting censored...

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The vote came in with 6/10 votes for Old age, gender tied with 5-5 and nihilistic (4/10) and aristocrat (3/10) both leading. As the male aristocrat had a name suggestion and one female aristocrat vote also specified the patrician background, the result ended up:





And you may wonder who that other gentleman is...






Some starting ritual from my Occult skills:



First skill check (after putting on coat and hat) :



And there are things in the river!


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Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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Someone had to go with the "average Obsidianite"...


Gets me a free way to regain sanity through...entertainment ;)

This was initial character creation, game hung after it so I had to start over, current character is Middle-Aged rather than Adult, everything else remained the same though.

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2 hours ago, Hurlshot said:

Whoa whoa, physique 4? I think the Obsidian average is better than that! We even had a workout thread for awhile. 

I'm sure that was earlier in the year, when those new year's resolutions were still going strong ;)

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And I made a RPG protagonist, only old lady instead of young dude because grannies are sorely underrepresented in video games. Though I'm having doubts about first playthrough with frail schmoozer. Maybe I should reroll as some sort of dumb brute? :unsure:


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y u no upload picture?
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