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Stuck and unable to confront Atris

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I played and complete this game many years ago (when the game launched, to be precise), but now I am playing it again because is awesome!! Unfortunately, I,m stuck and I don´t know if it´s my fault or a bug. I am playing Dark Side, I have already killed all the Jedi Masters. The only one left is Atris. But I cannot get to the Telos surface again to confront her. I speak to Kreia, but nothing happens. And the shuttle I used to get to the Telos surface in the fist place (the Cherzka one) now is closed. I also tried to speak to Visas, to meet her master, but nothing happens. There only two active quests right now in my journal:

- The Lost Jedi (it says "You fought Master Vrook and degeated him")

- Traces to Ashes (it says "You are searching for traces of the Lost Jedi in the ruins of Korriban. Kreia suggested looking within the Sith Academy")

The curious thing is that I have already been in the Sitch Academy, confronted Sion there, and now the Academy is closed. The other curious thing is in spite of T3-M4 telling me that Master Vash is dead, I don´t remember confronting her in Korriban. 

Help please? I have installed TSLRCM and M478EP.


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