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Sharp_ones good bye

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On 5/11/2019 at 7:34 PM, Guard Dog said:

I don't know why Sharp One was banned (or more accurately what it was the pushed him over the "ban" line). But considering some of the folks we've had around here he barely made it above half way on the S.O.B meter. AFAIK he never promised to kill anyone. That HAS happened. More than once. I remember a long time ago I PM'ed a guy my address and told him if he was feeling froggy just leap!

Anyway. All that aside a "sign off message" always rubs me the wrong way. We've had those before and it always strikes me as more than a little vain. But... it's still better than the sign off/tell off message. We've had those too! But they are usually worth a chuckle. 

Well that is the point of moderated review, after all. Sparing the rest of the board from the worse of the posts, so you don't need to read spam or death threats, between actual constructive discussions.

Not saying he did or didn't, just that you would not see any such post, when he's on moderated review.

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