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The title really. 

I'm about to start a new run, last time was just before BW. I think I want to play a Warcaller. The chanter side will be a skald, but I'm unsure about the fighter side. I'm thinking either Unbroken with a Bash shield and a sweet one handed weapon, maybe Mogwyr, maybe the BW warhammer, or maybe a saber. The other option is more subclass neutral and involves a big 2h weapon. No real preference as of now, though I like the kukri-like greatsword. 

Any suggestions for how they work in turn-based? I'm thinking the sword and shield Warcaller would work really well by just getting right in the middle of everything and then unleashing really big powerful Invocations for massive damage. Sounds like it'd be really fun. Not sure how the 2h Warcaller would compare. 

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You can have both if you are a Black Jacket.  My MC is a Warcaller in my turn-based game, and the ability to switch to a damage setup while attacking and then to a defensive setup before you end your turn is hilariously strong. 

Unbroken doeesn't really give you anything; you'll have plenty of engagement slots already with defender's stance and a shield, and you won't be forcing many disengagement attacks since you'll be AoE Paralyzing/Stunning every other turn with your Skald abilities.

My 4 weapon sets are these: 

Dagger/Shield - This is what I swap to before I end my turn.  Switch to hatchet once you start getting deflection buffs since the dagger modal doesn't stack with those.

Warbow - Ranged weapon versatility and adds a slashing weapon.  Also sometimes use Whispers of the Endless Path and/or Wahai Poraga since you'll have many bad guys surrounding you

Club/Flail - Modals debuff Reflex and Will

Morning Star - Modal debuffs Fortitude

He's super versatile and is by far my most useful character

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The good thing with War Caller is that you can use weapon modal + clear out to debuff a defense in an AoE, then use one of the Invocations targeting the same defense on the same AoE, such as : 
- Flail + Thunder Rolled/Seven Nights,
- Club + Killers Froze,
- Morningstar + Eld Nary.

Obviously, Black Jackets make it even more convenient and the use of Offensive Invocation leans toward Skald (but Troubadour is always a good option).

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5 hours ago, Tommy1984 said:

It gives you 2 phrases per round.

Doesn't... doesn't that just make Troubadour better than a Skald? I mean, I don't imagine you'll be getting enough crits to make up for double phrase generation, even with the extra cost Troubadour comes with. 

The AoE paralyze one: 2 phrases to a Skald. If you get lucky you can get it in one turn, but most likely, 2. Troubadour, always 2 turns, even with the 4 phrase cost. 

Seven Nights: 4 phrases to a Skald. You'll probably have this in 3 turns, but if you get unlucky, 4. Troubadour, always 3 turns, even with the 6 phrase cost. 

Seems to me like Troubadour is just plain better. Am I missing something? Do you get enough crits on a Warcaller/Howler/Herald to make up for it? 

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1) Doubling phrases generation comes at the cost of linger.

2) Skald is still strictly better at casting 3 base cost offensive invocations. Which includes very handy stuff such as Killer Froze or Shield Cracks.

3) Starting phrase pool depends on the highest cost invocation. If your Skald highest cost invocation is a non offensive one, both Skald and Troubadour would start with the same phrase pool BUT skald will have a discount on many Invocations which makes Skald able to cast more invocations with his initial pool. A level 20 MC Skald can cast 3,5 Killer Froze with its initial pool. Empowering an invocation with Sasha's Scimitar with the complete refill upgrade doubles this advantage.

4) War Caller has a specific trick : Clear Out, which is able to generate  several crit in one action.


Overall, Troubadour is the better subclass, the most versatile one and the one to pick if you don't want to commit toward heavy crit build and (low level) offensive invocation. But Skald has its perk if you want to specialize a bit more. 

I don't really like TB which is insufficiently balanced for my tastes, but I'm thinking about 2 points which could make Skald a bit worse in TB :
 You tend to attack less in TB due to 1/action per turn... except maybe when Dual Wielding ?
- The very best weapon for Skald is Sun & Moon, since it hits 2 times and generates twice more crit (+2PL bonus to Ice Spell is also very nice for Chanter). It is a fast weapon which makes it even better in RTwP... and quite underwhelming in TB. Maybe pairing it with Sasha's can be considered ?

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