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Indeed, moved to Pillars of Eternity discussions

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I would complete the endless paths throughout the game. Its not really designed for a single shot  although you can play it like that if you want. Each level gets more difficult and they start off designed for low level and ramp up to higher levels as you go. There is good loot and equipment to be found in there so i wouldnt wait.

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48 minutes ago, Rednaxela said:

Where is that dedicated forum...?

Um, just go to the main forum page https://forums.obsidian.net/ and it's like the 14th forum from the top.

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Endless Paths are sort of meant to be tackled continuesly throughout the game. Early on will find it difficult if you go too far, and it is a good sign to leave it, level up and return later on. If you wait, until you will be able to complete all (or most) of the dungeon the early levels will be extremely boring by that point. What I do, is try to get as deep as I can soon after getting access to it, and poping back every few levels throughout the game, when I want to break away from the main story. 

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