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Thematically I guess you're looking at Goldpact Knight, any Rogue, Priest of Skaen, and probably any Rangers and Barbarians. That's already five classes and you can mix and match with others to cover your bases (don't overlook the power of single-class though! Think long and hard before sacrificing something as powerful as, say, Symbol of Skaen)

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Single Class

Druid (fury or vanilla) - Lightning/Storms focus (Godlike Nature) - Lord Daryns / Deltros Cage (Weapon and Shield whatever you want)

Priest (wael) - Ice or Fire (Orlan) - Blackened Plate (looks evil) - Griffin Blade or whatever you want + shield

Wiz (evoker) - FIre focus (Dwarf) - Devil or Crimson Panoply (looks fiery) late game - Magrans Ax + shield

Wiz (blood) - Ice/Decay focus (Elf) -  Casita,  or Guardian Plate (look icy) late game - Sun and Moon + shield

Cipher (soulblade) - (Aumaua) - Patinated Plate (looks, um Cipher-like... yeah, I'm reaching) - Watcher's blade or whatever you want + shield - later game, possibly ranged weapon to quickly gain focus

Notes: All members use weapon and shield (primary), with shield skill to help with early level survivability  Self buffs for wiz is helpful, turning it into your tank until level 11.  At level 11+ your tactic becomes, 5x spells no buffs...  everything is locked down from crowd control/debuffs or straight damage.  When you hit level 16+, nothing short of a major boss will be left after 4-5 seconds.  Max level, nothing slows a CPU more than casting: Maelstrom, Holy Fire/Symbol of, Meteor Storm, Kalkoths/Ninagauths, and Silent Scream/Disintegrate simultaneously... you can rinse and repeat and adjust spell selection based on range (but everyone should have farcasting and rapid casting skills).  You can use heavy armor, since most fights are over in one-round and your casting time isn't too bad.  Your Wizards can move to lighter armor faster, once you have core buffs of Spirit Shield, Arcane Veil, Displaced, etc. and you pick up Tough (a requirement).  I don't like to dump stats too much, I would focus:  STR 16-18, CON 7-8, DEX 10-14, INT 16-18, PER 16-18,  RES 7-8   -  The key is to have good damage bonus (STR), decent AOE radius and buff time (INT), and accuracy (PER).  Some people might ask, where is the Chanter?  My response... too slow.   While waiting for chanter-phrases the battles are over.  To be fair, recycling resources are very important for Megaboss fights... see multiclass party suggestion below.   In summary, this party will eagerly fill your bounty-hunter, evil-doer roles will glee.  This party, with a little patience past level 7ish (which can be hit rapidly with some online tips), will destroy all chapter and DLCs on POTD.  Megabosses, will require some advanced tactics, but with some precision and expendable resources (potions, scrolls, etc.), anything is possible.


Multiclass - focus on replenishing resources

Pali (bleak or gold) / Chanter (troub) 

Fighter (tact) / Wiz (blood) - Ice/Decay Focus

Cipher (soul blade) / Rogue (trickster)

Monk (helwalker) / Wiz (evoker) - Fire

Priest (wael) / Druid (vanilla or lifegiver) - Lightning/Storms

Follow similar guidelines above.  All of these classes can cast, but the Pali becomes main tank (with slower casting/summon abilities with Chanter).  Everyone has regenerating resources, except for your Priest/Druid, but this combo has LOTS of spells.  Everyone has defensive buffs (Wiz, Priest) or they are inherently tough (Fighter, Pali), plus, you have good group passive buffs (Pali, Chanter) and healing options (Druid, Priest).   For armor, you can go lighter than "plate" since everyone has defensive buffs.  This group will have similar casting potential as the single-class group above, but it won't melt mobs at the same pace (Level 10+).  However, this group will A) have an easier time below level 10, and B) when you want to tackle Megabosses, this group has the edge (for me - since on Megabosses I tend to move into melee/buff mode with overlapping heals).   Final note, at least two party members should have Arcane 15 (added firepower) and my preference is on the Cipher and Pali (since they have less DPS casting potential).


While I'm pondering custom part compositions...  what would be a great Megaboss slaying group (no repeat classes)...

Monk -- (renewable resources and access to skills: Resonant, Razers, Inner)

Fighter (tact) / Wiz (blood) -- (renewable resources and tanky)

Pali (gold) / Chanter (troub) -- (renewable resources and tanky)

Cipher --(renewable resources and access to skills: Time, Driving, 1000 cuts, Mindweb) 

Priest (wael) -- (defensive buffs, but not renewable resources ...  if we can repeat classes, I would swap this choice entirely or pair with Monk)

Just a thought...  but there are endless options that are great, which is why I continue to replay the game, until POE3 arrives (/nudge).


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