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The Blockbuster Oscar Bait Movie Thread

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2 hours ago, Guard Dog said:

. But.... Brie Larson in a skin tight suit... THAT was a marvel.

That was a double.


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12 hours ago, algroth said:

I believe Star Wars prints were made by Eastman, in which the reds would notoriously degrade faster than the blue or greens, both washing out and making the print a little greener over time as a result. That's probably what you're seeing there, also why the blacks look a little more washed out and so on. Based on that single frame I might also have a slight preference for the unrestored version, it looks a tad more "organic" for me, but really, you can't make much of a decision based on a single frame. Still, pretty cool restoration!

They have prints from all over the place. A 35mm Technicolor is the one they used for 97% of A New Hope, with little bits used from from Eastman and LPP prints as well as a couple of other places. Return of the Jedi used a "pristine" LPP print for all of it, and was the easiest to restore. The Empire Strikes Back (which isn't completed yet) will apparently use a combination of Fuji, Eastman, and Kodak, and is apparently the most difficult to restore due to the state of extant prints. It'll apparently need about 42TB's worth of space to finish mastering at a 4K resolution transfer.


Silver Screen is the original fan transfer from years back, 4K77 is the new 4K transfer I was talking about.

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