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Hi all.


I have not been very active on this forum for a long while, but I have played all games Obsidian made (old and new) and I loved PoE and PoE2. But now that will change and it makes me a little sad to actually do so, but I simply can't support Obsidian in their current behaviour.


- I want to say I understand the logic behind their "free cash to go exclusive on 3rd party shop" but for consumers this is a problem! I will never go to a site like Epic, it is not just anti consumer it has poor security, steal information from users (they even admitted this and tried to hide it as a mistake), they also have a awful barebone shop with a launcher that many people have problem using! People have been writing about how it does not work and that support is non existing (we are not talking days, weeks, but months and still no reply) Epic also wants a market where 3rd party games are exclusive to them.. Well guess what.. I am a fan of your games, I bought all your games!!! even crowdfunded... But this.... I will not be forced into buying games on such a place, then I will simply skip the game.


What you are doing now will have consequences in the future, also when Epic is not just splashing cash out anymore. Look at how publishers like Ubisoft is still having a bad reputation after the piracy talk years back.. they have tried almost everything to showcase customers as "good" people now instead of pirates, but all remember. We will also remember this action from you Obsidian. You supported exclusiveness to a unsecure site where people have no benefit.. As I said.. If you released on different places I would not have this problem (even if steam was not included) but forcing people to use a site that is well known for (let me list it again)


- Security problems

- Data mining without concent

- No support

- Broken launcher

- Barebone shop

- Anti consumer



That is a problem for me and should be for anyone else, fan or not.. I have defended you many times, defended your games that i have liked, but this.. this I can't support no matter the reason.


Is a pile of cash in advance really more important than your fans and pro consumer actions?

One thing is certain. I will not buy the outer world, not even once it hit other storefronts/platforms like GoG, Steam, etc. I don't support anti consumer and exclusiveness ala console style.. Even if you make new and good games that are not exclusive. This will most likely have impact on future sales/games as well from fans that think like me and no.. we are not a minority.. I don't support piracy and have always bought my games, but your move here will increase that as well.. Because those that unlike me just buys an alternative, will go fetch it the other way instead of risking their sensetive information on using Epic.




Goodbye for now Obsidian. I hope you choose another path in the future, but for now "in my game" you picked a choice that lead to your death.. Lets see what happens when you load up the save.


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