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If Xoti Meets POE Characters, Who Will She Get Along With?

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Obviously she doesn't get along with Pallegina and she sorta gets along with Eder and is neutral with Aloth.  


But what about Kana, Sagani, Hirvais, and the crazy Priest person? Like, I'm seriously wondering how her relationship with Durance will work out.  


In fact, how will any of the POE2 characters do with Durance?  


I can almost imagine this conversations:


Xoti: Eothas is the one true God.

Durance: YOU WHORE! 

Xoti: Hold my coffee, Eder . Looks like there's some reaping here to do.  

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She might get along with Hiravias and Kana; doubt she'd like Zahua much. Mixed feelings about Sagani—I guess Xoti would like her being a strong, independent woman who travels the world and has seen all sorts of stuff, as well as the fact that Sagani is attached to her people's traditions, but she may find her too patronizing / controlling / motherish at times.

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She has several negative comments about Magran in Deadfire. I think the way Xoti would hate Durance would be interesting.


Based on her interactions with Serafen, Xoti and Hiravias would be hilarious.


Sagani would probably mess with Xoti in the same ways she messes with Eder and Kana. Might not technically get along but it'd be funny to watch.

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I was thinking what if Xoti met Eder when he was younger, would they be an item?  Or what if Xoti met the Pope, do you think they would get along?  He is pretty hip so he might really take to her.

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