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In some universes, such as call of cthulhu , berserk anime, demon souls , etc.  demonic alien figures created the Universe. what if there was a plot twist in pillars that the deities were created by the engwithians to block these entities from influencing the universe ?  i think it could be  an interesting twist story-wise (but perhaps too dark for pillars of eternity)  .  it could also explain the existence of skaen, who could be a weaker form of these entities that did a pact with the gods to keep existing in the pantheon and acting as a diplomat between the gods and the entitites while the engwithians extingued most of the cult of the demonic cosmic entities.  

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Skaen is not entirely evil either. I mean if you judge his aspects (not so much his depiction in cutscenes). E.g one aspect of him involves rebellion against oppression and slavery.

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