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Why POE II became unplayable for me

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You know what might be a pretty smart approach: if your current playthrough (your savegames basically) wouldn't get affected by patches unless you choose so.


This is kind of hard to do... but I guess it is doable if you keep that in mind during the developing process. You would need some internal patch- or buff/nerf manager.


Then your current playthrough wouldn't be affected by patches and you could finish the game without disturbances from nerfs that potentially destroy your character idea.


In the next playthrough you then will use the newest mechanics version.


Because that's what annoys most players I think: that the character they currently use changes while they carry him/her through the game.

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I think tinkering with already released games should be stopped, because it ruins everything. To my knowledge Obsidian is the only company that does it - you can not see such things in Skyrim, Witcher... or many other games, cause developers understand - keeping  integrity of the game is much more important, than "rebalansing" issues.

And as for experiencing magic afresh, I have no desire to do it, because it is absolutely different game. Spells now have different damage, game mechanic uses different formulas etc. etc.  Learn everything anew? And remember what was after each patch? "I need this spell... it is good... ooh no, they nerfed it in 2.0... and then changed in 3.0 and again they changed it in 4.0... damn them". I better play some game that has constant rules. When I say game is unplayable I mean I don't know which abilities\spells to choose, because they changed everything billion times. Thats why the entire game is a big mess and it is terrible when you need to read patch notes just to play game. By playing I mean playing efficiently and creating strong character - not some garbage, which still can win game.

What am I even reading here? So you're saying that Obsidian should keep a poorly balanced ability as is just because you hate change? You should be thankful that they pump out free, high-quality updates instead of crying about it. 


It's nothing but a good thing that broken abilities and other balance issues get patched so that the game becomes the best it can be. You still know what abilities to pick; it's not like the tooltip lies about the ability. They changed some numbers? So what? The ability still does what it says in the description. 

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