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Hi there. Relatively new player here (played 20 hours last year at launch), looking to create a ranged mindstalker for a Classic playthrough using the Turn-Based mode. I was hoping to get some advice re: stat priority, weapons (2h vs DW), and key abilities to really make the multi-class shine. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Stat priority is pretty straightforward - for a ranged Mindstalker you can safely dump resolve as far as you are comfortable, and constitution is fine in the low to mid (8-10) range. For your other stats, perception and intelligence are always good for accuracy, area, and duration of powers. Might is really important if you are using a lot of damage dealing powers, but if you are more focused on control might isn't all that important (you will get plenty of +damage from your rogue abilities). Dexterity is also always nice, and higher priority if you use a two hander, but generally not as important as perception or intelligence.


Generic recommended stats would be something like 10/10/16/18/18/3 for a control focused build and 16/10/13/18/15/3 for a damage focused build (before racial / culture bonuses).


As for two hander vs two weapons, the options are pretty well balanced so it is a matter of taste. I have a preference for firearms on a Cipher since you can fire then immediately cast before reloading, which makes it much easier to be responsive with control effects. The top two handers will maximize your basic attack damage, while dual wielding will play nicer with spamming crippling strike. It largely depends on what unique weapons you have and want to use - blunderbuss is popular for the Kitchen Stove unique, which has an upgrade Fire in the Hole which is a big cone attack that tends to fill your focus instantly.

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