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Melee solo build that works on latest patch (fun to play; not chanter)

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Fighter or Barbarian with 2 handed weapon. The former is more resilient, the latter is more fragile but way more destructive.


Max MIG and INT either class, everything else average. For talents you want Veteran's/Rapid Recovery at level 2, and then just take all the melee talents you want (two handed style, scion of flame for Firebrand, weapon focus etc).


For abilities, fighter goes Disciplined Barrage, Confident Aim, Vigorous Defence, Armoured Grace, Weapon Specialisation...(rest based on choice). Barbarian goes Frenzy, Savage Defiance, OSA, Blood Thirst, Bloodlust, Heart of Fury...(rest per choice).


Wear heavy armour to begin with, eventually you can go to lighter armours once you find some good enchanted ones such as Wayfarer's Hide. Best two handed weapon you can find until you can afford Belt of the Royal Deadfire Canoneer, then Firebrand. Later you can switch to Tidefall if you want.


It's straightforward and min micro. Barbarian in particular soon becomes a wrecking ball, Fighter takes longer to kill (one enemy at a time) but has much better defences.

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Look at the build "The Cauterizer" in the pinned build list. It's tons of fun and should work well on easy/normal. You can adjust its attributes for solo play (e.g. RES is too low and needs a raise to prevent interrupts).


As a solo char you can level to 7 pretty quickly in order to unleash the pure fun that is Firebrand + Blood Thirst. Because of self heals and Barb's immense health pool (after some levels) it's also a rel. sturdy build. Only the first few levels will be tough (like with every Barbarian).

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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