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New Player Needs Mods Help Please

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I am a relatively new PoE2 player and I have a few questions about mods please:


1. Can someone please explain why the mods utilized from the Steam workshop are located in D:Steam\Steamapps\workshop and are not located in the D:Steam\common\PillarsofEternity2\overide folder?


2. Is it possible to utilize both mods from the Steam workshop and mods from Nexus Mods at the same time?  If so, can someone please explain how to get this to work because I have tried unsuccessfully to do so?


3. Can someone please explain the proper way to set up the Nexus Vortex downloader because I don't think I am doing it properly and that very well might be causing my problem referenced in point #2?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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