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[SPOILERS]� Missing dialogue options? | Ruasare, Wahaki ranga, re:slavers

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When talking to Ruasare, the wahaki ranga, about the Crookspur slavers, I get the sense that there ought to be at least one more dialogue option for accepting/ending the conversation.


As it stands, even if the Watcher initates the conversation about Crookspur ("I also seek vengeance against the slavers"), the only way to end the conversation (i.e. accept to help her, or just say you'll do it anyway) is "This isn't my fight. Allow me to consider."


This seems strange to me. My Watcher came to the wakahi to help (or get help) with the slavers. So, it very much is my fight. And I'd vager it would be so for many other players.


Just wanted to make the devs/writers aware of this, as it really seemed strange to be so limited in responses there, and the only response being very much at odds with my previous [dialogue] choices or intentions.



If I talk to her about the slavers by way of "I came to warn you about the slavers' plot to kill you", I get an option that is more in line with the rest of the conversation and my intentions ("It seems right that I be the one to twist the dagger for you."). Would have liked something akin to this through the "I also seek vengance on the slavers" and the Onekaza alliance dialogue tree :)



Warning about the plot to kill her, removes any dialogue options regarding the offer of alliance from queen Onekaza.



Quests involved:


Fruitful Alliance

Cruel Cargo

Tip of the Spear

Clearing Out Crookspur



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