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I saw the presentation and panel from PAX East. The game looks good and about what I expected.


However, one thing has me a little worried. Seeing the main menu, there's this little item called "Deliverables".

Now I know they did that awesome little tweet back in 2017 with Tim and Leonard where they said there would be no mtx or crates, but... With the recent backpeddling on other things (such as Steam availability), I can't help but worry.


The main menu is shown as also having "Extras", so the "Deliverables" sounds a bit worrying. I'm hoping that it's just some sort of in-game thing like maybe new weapons showing as available from various corporations or something like that, and nothing like any sort of microtransactions.


What do you think it could be?




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It might be a developer option. Deliverables from a Scrum Sprint: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_Sprint

Scrum doesn't use the term deliverables. That's from a waterfall project style because deliverables are pre defined.


Equivalent agile term is "feature"

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It's a contract term.  Contractor must meet/provide deliverables by date X or not get paid/risk penalty.

Not sure of the OP context reference, but it would be interesting if the player had to provide in-game deliverables, you know, because of the unbridled corporate perspective of the game...

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