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[Bug] Salvation of Time does not apply to Time Parasite



Priest ability Salvation of Time (+10sec Duration of beneficial effects) does not increase Time Parasite buff duration.

After using Time Parasite, you recieve a buff increasing your action speed by a significant amount depending on how many targets you affected, this buff is not affected by Salvation of Time and it doesn't look like it's intented.


Ascendant buff from Cipher Ascendant Subclass is affected by Salvation of Time however, allowing you to refresh Time Parasite for free anyway, so this bug is not very impactful (beside the fact that if you refresh Time Parasite later in the fight and some enemies are dead, you will gain less action speed than the initial cast)

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It might be intended - because Time Parasite depends on the effect you put onto your enemy, not yourself. If you pay close attention you will see that if you kill the enemy whom you cast Time Parasite on it will stop immediately. Same with Wild Leech.


Both are buffs that only work if you put the effect on an enemy and thus I suspect Slavation of Time or Wall of Draining won't work since it's not the effect on you which determines the duration but the effect on the enemy. 


There are other cipher effects that might have the same behavior: Psychovampiric Shield, Body Attunement etc. All those powers require you to cast teh spell on an enemy. They are not mere self buffs.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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