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Hello Everyone, I know game is out for some time now, but i enjoy it enough to finish it a couple of times. I read forum pretty much and community seems still active here. Would like to share with you my build. In RPG games i always go for melee guys, as ranged and spellcasters always annoys me and so is this time. With this build I was able to end game on PoTD with 300k overall damage, where Manhea, as second damage dealer in party made like 80k. For Boeroer and many other guys who knows game well this wont be anything special, but might be good option for someone like me who always think spellcasters are .. meh :)

Idea of build is to pick mages/rangers and other squishes and end with them as fast as possible. For monk melee guys are not a big trouble since we got pretty big health pool so we just skip from target to target. With Flagellant real fun kicks in. There is no things that we need from other characters. But things that are nice is Priest lvl 4 buff +20 Accuracy and i love combo with paralyze from Cipher lvl 2 power. Enemy get great debuff to deflection and we can kill lot of guys with up to 3 torment's. Also You may ask here what when i get dominated. I just dominate myself with my cipher :D Untill i run back from enemy rear rank, there is already cipher running to me with his dominate.

I hate consumables so used only potion of accuracy for every dragon.




Difiiculty: PoTD in party. Started with idea of solo, but game was boring without Eder's speeches :) 
Party: This guy as Watcher, Pellagina (Tank), Eder/Manhea (Second Off-tank with Estoc), Durance (Ranged, but he shoot maybe 5 times/encounter and he is blind anyway), Grieving Mother (Ranged DPS/CC because ciphers are damn interesting class gj Obsidian), Hirvas/Alot (Basically whoever you want)
Race: Moon Godlike. Target was to be as much self efficient as possible but with focus on DPS
Class: Monk
Role: DPS/Offtank. Generally it's designed to target squishes and end with them asap, without that much micro like rouges.
Might: 18 +1
Constitution: 15
Dexterity: 18 +1
Perception: 18
Intelligence: 3 +1
Resolve: 3
Talents and skills:


Torment reach (For me cone of it is too small to cry on low INT and target is simple enemy anyway
Swift strikes / Long stride (I took Swift strikes due to lack some speed early game)
Turning wheel
Duality of mortal presence (Always set for other defenses)
Crucible of suffering (Man it's like flat buff)
Flagellant's path (This is where it become way easier to get to mages)
The Dichotomous Soul (Didn't use it too much as it take forever to cast it and with low Resolve it get interrupted like hell, but was useful in hard fights)


Iron wheel

Weapon Focus: Peasant (Around level 10 respec this only for ruffian as dual purgatory is cool as hell and I cant live without dual wielding)
Two Weapon Style / Vulnerable Attack (If you are going for Raedric early go for Vulnerable Attack here)
Vulnerable Attack / Two Weapon Style (Vulnerable always ON :) )
Bull's Will (This build lack will as... as... ... very much. Basically target was to be self efficient so from now i will stack defenses against Paralyze)
Body Control (Again - Paralyze is our worst enemy)
Mental Fortress / Sneak Attack (Charms are annoying too, but there are less enemies able to charm than paralyze imo)
Superior Deflection / Sneak Attack (Won't hurt and I run out of ideas) 
About LVL 10 I respec WF: Peasant for Ruffian and we start using sabres instead of fists. Didn't do it, but lower CON and add to RES could take place, but I didn't feel i need it, Manhea or even tanky Pellagina need rest more often than I.
I didn't stuck so much to items, as we can adjust them pretty much like Orlan's Bramble Ring/Fenwalkers/Wayfarer's Hide (all of them paralyze def) but I will post my equipment :)

Armor: Early - Plate from Raedric hold
           Middle/End - Sanguine armor / Hand and Key is cool also but damn, it looks bad imo / Wayfarer's Hide (Paralyze def) / Blaidh Golan (Durgan always)

Boots: Early - Take whatever you found :D We don't have that much choice 
          Middle/End - Shod-in-faith / Fenwalker (Just remember to not suppress with Orlan Bramble Ring for example)
Neck: Spellward Amulet all the time. Again Paralyze is what I hate, and it usually comes from spell. In case of these 4-handed Laufgsdghfdsdgfsf from White March we can change it for something else. I didn't.
Hand: Early - Gauntlet that gives +2 DEX early on
         Middle/End - Gauntlet of swift action (These are usefull to get 0-recovery as we are interrupted a lot)
Belt: It get nice when we get to Looped Rope. It's a must have to change all hits and criticals from paralyze, charms to grazes.
Rings: Orlan's Bramble Ring / Ring of Protection / Ring of deflection / Ring of thorns 

Weapon: Early/Middle - Fists. These have superior damage and speed. Are cheap. And have superior damage. Not to mention their speed.
              Change with spears when needed.
              Middle/End - Dual Purgatory. With all upgrades. I think there is no need to comment. Could switch to Edge of Reason, but i love dual swords/sabres.
This build gave me much fun and fulfilled my expectations with llike 330k overall dmg done and around 140 biggest single hit. With swift strikes ON we hit 0 recovery with Vulnerable Attack ON, yet it's not needed since we get Purgatory. If u got any suggestions, let's discuss :)

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i dont know but it seems like a good build but if you put some screen and video it will be so nice, i did a new game nad i picked monk this is my first time with monk so i cant talk about monk right now at least i need to finish the game 2 times with monk and then i can start making build etc..... for the moment im palying focus on story and quest but soon or letter im going to make build's for monk and i have a lot of idea x)

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Hey, my computer barely can stand smooth gaming and i can't imagine to start video taping it also :D i can assure you it's pretty strong from beginning to end game. This is not some fireworks build but is a solid, high damage build. Just put it in second row formation right behind your tank and if you set aggressive AI, you can even forget about him, seriously. He can do well himself. Still my target was to deal with spell-casters asap and I don't like risking my rangers to come to close to front line to shoot back-line mages.

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