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hello guys , firstly i want to tell you that im new in this forum's but and dont know if im new in game or not cuz i already finished the game one in normal difficulty and im playing new game in hard not path of damned.


what i want is to understand all mechanism of game : damage equimpent weapon's talent etc....... cuz im like theorycrafting and like to make good and new build's but first i need to know if there is like crazy damage in poe 1 and if i can reach max damage or not so plz support me with ur comment thx.

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Well that's not so easy. There's a TON of mechanics to know. One can hardly handle it all in a few posts.


Maybe most important:


- damage bonuses are additive and are beased on base damage. For example a great sword has an average base dmg of 17 (14-20). If you add a 20% dmg modifier (e.g. Savage Attack) you only gain 3.4 dmg per attack. And that doesn't change with enchantments etc.


- lashes are multiplicative. THey take the whole damage you rolled (including dmg bonuses from above) and multiply it (most of the time by 0.25) and add that as separate dmg unit that has to overcome 1/4th of enemies' DR.


- passives stack, actives don't. Talents that upgrade certain abilites are often considered passive (e.g. Inspiring Radiance).


- Item bonuses do not stack unless they are on weapons.


- Speed bonuses don't stack if they are in the same group (e.g. Frenzy + Alacrity). But if they are not they stack mutiplicatively. Stacking lots of non-similar attack speed it the way to highest dps. What would stack: passives (Two Weapon Style), speed on weapons, gauntlets of swift action and one active like Frenzy for example. Dual Wielding has no speed penalty while all other options (one handed, two-handers, shield) do have a speed penalty. DEX bonus gets applied as last in the row.

All "speed" bonuses only reduce recovery time, not the animation speed (the execution ot the attack or ability). Only DEX applies to both (animation speed and recovery).


- Defenses have increasing returns


- Accuracy is very important but has diminishing returns.

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thx for ur help.


for exp: tank need damage reduction+health(endurence) but might to to increase his damage  ? and i want to understand this if i can reach max damage if i get items with only damage multiplier ? like i did with my barbarian

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