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Get rid of the dang teleporting puzzles.


I wont spoil anything not like anyone cares about that in this forum even the mods who only have a bone for personal attacks and do something every other month.


But i been playing in the realm of the winter bull and 2 out of 3 places have the dang teleport puzzles. Its literally the most obnoxious thing.


I even loved the rebirthing exploding bomb scenario. Loved the story and map design but jesus faking christ that teleporting with the three times of the day had me in frustration.


Just go back and forth between the teleports randomly hoping you got it right. Its not even interesting. Plus you got the change of direction toilet water scenerio thats the same thing albiet not as annoying as the exploding bomb.


Winter march 1 was great. Exploring the keep for the first time. One nice long map to explore and slowly uncovering the wonderful story while occasionally fighting monsters. The map design leaves you wondering what happened here.


I wish they made more maps letting us uncover a story about that map with more clickable magnifying glass descriptions and interesting map details and less zelda legend of the teleporting flashlights mini puzzles.

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The waterfall was kinda "meh", but I don't see the issue. You just walk through and hit all the things and you're done. It would have been annoying if it actually took thought.

The sundial quest I thought was a brilliant idea. One of my favourite sequences in the game.

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Just did the Bridge quest. It was super easy the second time I did it. In fact going to the same area twice gave me another soul for some reason. I think it's just confusing the first time. I didn't even realize I could take the portal at the end of the bridge. That had me frustrated for a bit. I think the quest isn't frustrating at all if you understand how it works. There's 3 light portals and three times of day. And then there's the actual portal in the back which you can only access at noon. At least there were actual puzzles. I don't even remember if PoE had puzzles.

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My problem with the sundial part was that the door to the tower didn't show up as interactable like every other door in the game, so I just kept going back and forth looking for the last fragment. Finally had to look up a youtube guide.

The door to the tower becomes interactable after you talk to the woman. You also have to wait for the on screen text to disappear before you can interact with it. I think it is by design.

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