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Best way to play modern 2019 D&D?


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Hello everyone... ok so as far as I know most of us have played D&D or AD&D in on3e form or another... and I got to thinking....


Now that we are in 2019 and stuff and we have voice IP with onoline... we have dice rolling apps, we have mobile devices, we have

you know everything there's more than a few ways to play D&D...


P{eople have been arguing close to me recently about it a bit and it's like... the old method is agreed upon I think, everyone 

meets at someone's actual house... and then we sit around a table and / or couch or situation with a bunch of books and it 

is 100% pure pen and paper....


Now w however, it's exploring the new possibilities, we s could use a combination of the above... for example a DM uses

pen and paper.... but the others are using applications... and there's different applications... there's roll 20 there's a few other

ones I've seen now.... and youc o could compare those.....


The one thing I feel strongly about is editions , I really think that 2e is the one that is the most hardcore... and that means

it feels the most rigid and has a lot of crazy possibilities... whereas 3.5E is in between and 5e is the most adccessible basically. 


But yeah so I don't know what do people think... should it be like the old way... for communication, or can te h technology improve

the way people play D&D are you still getting the pure experience etc? 

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Personally, I don't like the idea of playing D&D online. Pen and paper role-playing is one of the few nerdy hobbies where you can actually get out of the house and interact with living human beings. If I'm going to be sitting in front of a PC, then I might as well play an actual PC game, not D&D. 


Dice apps are handy though. And I have nothing against a DM using a laptop to show illustrations or play music or whatever.


PS Why all the ellipsis dots? 

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I think people should play in a way that works for them.  If it is on the internet because they've been deployed overseas or if its meeting in the living room of the DM and rolling dice, I think the important thing is to enjoy what you're doing not to worry about how you're doing it.

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We've been using software for character generation* and rules lawyering for a while now, the actual playing is happening quite traditionally. Pencil, paper, proper dice.


*Especially for 4E. Can't imagine not printing skill cards. Haven't tried 5E yet though.

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The thing that is really keeping me away from playing online is the dice. Honestly, I really want to feel those dice in my hand as I throw them, just clicking a button is awful.

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I'm in two games right now and no time for either.  If online works for you, go for it!  I personally hate playing tabletop online.

As to the campaigns:  I'm playing a character in pathfinder.  Monty Hall.  Module run.  GM determined not to kill any characters.  Tons of gold and buy what you want without restriction.  I'm running a 5th edition that I've turned into a bastard 5th/3.x campaign.  I'm really enjoying that one.  I have four new players, my wife, and myself.  The new players are catching on.  We've played... I think 7 times so far?  Something like that.  They've been pretty gungho.

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I am against online games, but to remember the past, I go to online D&D and open the D&D Guide. I liked spending time with my friends to explore the caves. Now this is difficult because my friends have moved to different cities, and new people who like D&D are hard to find. I offer them to play online, but they refuse and I do not know what to do. How do you attract your friends to play? If someone wants to contact and play with me, then I will gladly accept your invitation

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