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42 minutes ago, InsaneCommander said:

Game Of Thrones' director Miguel Sapochnik talks getting "visually policed" by showrunners

He seems to have the right ideas. If only he had taken over in the last seasons.

Dunno, half the criticism seems to be that BnW (not using d&d, too easily confused with dungeons and dragons) being too hands off and the rest is about them micromanaging. I think they may just have been terrible rather than either.

2 hours ago, BruceVC said:

..hard to believe how many people had to die and  how many lives were irrevocably altered because the USSR decided not to be honest initially about the disaster :shrugz: 

"Spreading disinformation at a time like that? It was disgraceful, simply disgraceful", surely.

(though it does have to be said, the TV series shafted historical Dyatlov something terrible because it needed an antagonist. Probably would have been better if they'd used a fictionalised antagonist same was as they had Khomyuk as a stand in for all the non Legasov scientists)

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