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Auto Salvage and Location Deck building


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Can someone please explain how this works?

I've started playing again after a lengthy absence. In my collection, I own 50+ of some cards. I would like to trim those so that they don't affect the "box" and dilute the location decks, but as I've found out, I can no longer salvage those cards.

How do I trigger the auto culling feature?
Will card duplicates of excessive numbers skew the location decks?
Is opening up treasure boxes a bad idea?
Are all cards available to find through play, or do you require treasure chests to unlock certain cards?

I'm hoping for specifics, like soft caps, location deck building mechanics, and auto culling details.

I'm a little put off not knowing how this works anymore. At least before, albeit tedious, I know exactly that if I trimmed/salvaged some excess cards from my collection, they would appear less in play, and if I found more through treasure chests, they'd appear more often.

I'm slowing growing a big pile of Smith's as I play and sell them.out of my stash, and I'm worried that just means I'll keep finding more and more of them as the pile in my collection grows.

Please please help explain this and help me trim my collection.


Ethics Gradient

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Let me see if I can answer some of you questions.


> How do I trigger the auto culling feature?

You cannot.  The auto-cull is either entirely off, or set at a high-enough limit that it doesn't trigger anymore.  And compared to the "old" system where you had the option to sell off excess treasure cards to permanently remove them from your inventory, the post-game sell-off only sells them "back to the box".  There is presently no way to choose to permanently remove a card from your inventory.

> Will card duplicates of excessive numbers skew the location decks?

Yes-ish.  Over the course of the game, I think there have been a couple iterations on how Treasure Cards work, but the present system seems to soft limit the number of any given treasure card to (3*number_of_locations - 1) .  If you play with a party of three, up to 14 of your big pile of Smiths might be put in the box to be randomly dealt out into location decks.


Keep in mind, there's also a second set of mechanics in play.  Basic cards start getting randomly set aside from play starting in AD3, and Elite cards at AD5.  Any treasure card with those traits may be randomly held back later in the game.

> Is opening up treasure boxes a bad idea?

{shrug}, I don't know.  I stopped bothering with treasure chests after buying the Steam edition that includes all the cards.  Once you pass the limit above ^ , it doesn't really matter if you have 65 Smiths.

> Are all cards available to find through play, or do you require treasure chests to unlock certain cards?

Almost all of the Treasure Cards need to be unlocked in a chest or purchased outright with one of the Steam editions.  The only treasure cards the technically unlock through play are the cards reward cards you get after completing adventures on the highest difficulty.


If you really have an overload of cards that you want addressed, send support@obsidian.net an email.  It's unfortunate that it may be the only way to trim inventory permanently, but that's the best option right now. 


Let me know if you have other questions about game mechanics.  The game has been out for a few years at this point, and the community has mostly figured out how the game works and/or differs from the tabletop version.

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Thank you Ethics Gradient. I wasn't sure I was going to get an answer. It's not really what I wanted to hear, but I'm glad to have clarification nonetheless. Thank you.
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This may also not be what you want to hear, but there is another way I sometimes use to cull my location decks. While many of the treasure cards can be cool, I find them to be mostly just fluff. The basic game gives you exactly what you need for a good balance. I will often turn off the option of "Treasure Cards in Story Mode" in the settings when I play, especially when I get sick of drawing all those dratted orbs. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I appreciate that the developers allowed us to cull out all of the treasure cards and use only the original cards when we play.

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