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On Leofwyn and Aymira's Roost

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My favorite side mini-dungeon in the core game. One thing I like in Deadfire is that every small dungeon area have a story of its own... for instance, the caves you first enter in the very beggining of the game were a smugler's hideout until the smuglers were all slayed by a malfunctioning golem, and you have to explore the whole area and collect the clues to realize what really happend.


So, I found Leofwyn to be very interesting: a mad wizard who went to a forgotten, wild isalnd to wreck havock among the local fauna until she found... the Book of Sotrms... an average grimoire with nothing special about it. She mentions Arkemyr in her lines. Was she her former apprendice - and he menage to become quite unpopular among his aprendices - or some sort of rival, aspiring archmage like Bekarna? I found she very powerfull and with quite a force of golems, imps and other magical constructs... very curious and impressed about her, wishing to know more about her... wished there was any option to allow her to walk freely with her Book of Storms.


There is also that magic ring in the area I was able to find only in my THIRD play. Congrats to developers, that is what replayability is all about.


Edit/correction: the name of the place is Amira's roost, not Aymira, I guess...

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