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Custom party build Idea

build party custom fun idea

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Goodmorrow to you my lovelies!


I have been pondering about builds for a while and started about 5-10 topics to get ideas. I have finally come to a conclusion and would love to hear your thoughts about it.


It is also partly for role playing as in that they're basically 5 bodies shared by one person so the same name etc. Kind of like a hive mind.


They will all be human. And fill the roles of https://tvtropes.org...ain/FiveManBand


Mike One: The Leader Shieldbearer/Troubadour. Sword and Board: Tank.


Mike Two: The Lancer Streetfighter/Forbidden Fist. Rapier and Stiletto. Flanker.


Mike Three: The Big Guy Devoted/Berserker. Dual wield Battle Axes. DPS.


Mike Four: The Smart Guy Psion/Wizard. Rod, AOE.


Mike Five: The Chick Lifegiver/Eothas. Hunting Bow, Healer


What do you all think about the weapons and class combinations? I'd highly prefer to not stack any classes nor have a ranger in there.


Thanks in advance and have a lovely day! I'm getting desperate for a comment after hitting so many views :D feel free to shut it down if you disagree with the builds as well!

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