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Where are the chain coifs? Do they even exist in PoE2?

-if so, where are they found? I have yet to see any (currently lvl 16)


In PoE1 there were chain coifs in the game, which was pretty awesome. 


xbG6gd9.png qp8gphC.png q2OFu4i.png


They looked great as an alternative to a helmet or hood for armored characters who like the hooded look, without appearing too clothy/ranger like.


A great deal of the character appeal is about the helmet/headpiece. In my opinion many helmets tend to not always look/fit that great, they often seem too small or too bulky, too shiny or a little too silly/weird.

There are lot's of hats/cloth bandanas etc, which fits the setting. In Deadfire I too often end up putting hoods on everybody, unless it's some full plate knight in glorious shining armor.


I think it would be great too see some rusty/worn chain mail head-pieces to go with many of the really cool well-weathered metal armors in the game.

Perhaps some chain coifs combined in half-face/open-face helmets, with a plated part and a coif for the neck cover.


It's possible I simply haven't discovered some of the cooler looking unique helmets yet, and It's all subjective of course, I tend to go for the rusty armored mercenary look :)




qqAcj5e.png i8SgbrN.png


(My sullen Watcher in rusty scalemail, tanky stalker/chanter so the hood fits well enough, yet a rusty chain coif would be even better!)

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