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I was wondering if this game will feature a companion(s) system allowing you to meet AI in the worlds you travel too and allow them to follow you? So when travelling around doing side quests or general casual play these companions can aid you in fight. Having the ability to change their appearance/equipment and all that stuff.

Would love to know as I think this really does help the game and allow you to play through in different angles/approaches.



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BTW they confirmed you get to choose all your companions' equipment except for some special item that they use in their special move.


They revealed some info about a couple of companions, Ellie who's kind of a space pirate who will be totally all right with you murdering and looting and who is proficient at finger guns, Parvati who's a sweet naive mechanic who'd prefer you didn't murder anyone, please and who from videos I think swings a comically large hammer at people, and Felix who is a rebel, fight the powers that be, smash the state etc.

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