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Just started playing turn-based today and there is just one thing that pops out as a minor annoyance for me.


During the combat the camera jumps on every active character that is performing its actions. I've tried that camera option but that only works for out of combat. As soon as the combat starts camera locks on every character that is next in line. I can move it around until it's next character turn and then it jumps on that one.


I know that modern turn based game all use this as default way, but I'd love an option to have the camera not move at all unless I move it myself (if it's possible ofc).



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Hello Udzi!


Thank you for your feedback about the camera functions in Turn-Based Mode!  Fortunately this is already in the database for the team to consider, but I've added you to the report as more feedback for this topic.  If you have any other feedback about Turn-Based Mode, please continue to post about it in the forums!


Thanks again for all the help to make Deadfire even better!

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