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Next Eora game - December 2019 announcement?

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Just doing some guesswork here. White March 2 (last expansion) released in January 2016, then we get Deadfire Kickstarter announced January 2017. Well, forgotten sanctum (last expansion for Deadfire) releases December 2018, presumably the team is hard at work on the next Eora game (whether pillars 3 or something else) already? That would suggest a timeline for announcement end of 2019.


Gosh, will be hard to wait for more Eora news. Suppose I can pass the time by beating Deadfire 8 more times, and doing a couple more POE runs with white March as well (incredible expansion).

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I agree with the_dog_days.


Obs is finishing up their last independent game. The next in the pipeline is probably a new venture for Microsoft. Further exploring what they have in their IP portfolio would likely come after that, but for all we know that could be TOW2. It all depends on how many teams Obs gets to run going forward. We know they've had up to 4.5 teams at one point. I'm sure they'll keep a team around that makes use of their awesome ground work on the new-era infinity-like stuff.

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Microsoft may just decide that Pillars isn't profitable or mainstream enough and move on, so I wouldn't bank on another Pillars necessarily. Heck we aren't getting a new Mass Effect or Deus Ex anytime soon and those franchises are vastly more popular than Pillars.

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There is a new project that is being worked on:



According to gamespot the lead programer was pulled of Outer Worlds to go and work on that project.


What this project is we will have to wait and see. Did Microsoft acquisition finalise enough to make it first official project under them? If yes, then even if it is a Eora project I think he will see some changes. Maybe the addition of turn-based mode for Deadfire was something to test and prepare for PoE3? Something that would allow for multiplayer and smoother console release? Or maybe it’s a completely new project? New IP? RPG in Microsoft owned IP? If it’s a bigger project we might have to wait longer.

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Now that they are owned by Microsoft, I'm not convinced we'll ever get another PoE type of game.


Microsoft seemingly wants to unify their gaming platform between the PC and their console. Old-school Isometric Role-playing games may often release on consoles nowadays but they still seem to be mostly aimed at the PC market. I doubt PoE shifted enough copies to convince Microsoft to invest money and recently acquired manpower in another PC-centric niche project when they could develop a more ubiquitous PC/Xbox game.


If they ever make another "Eora game", it's probably going to be something significantly more mainstream.

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