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DLCs and iteractions with otehr quest

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Now finally after a lot of months I have some of time for begin a new game and run all content of game. I have some question about the correct order of some quest for see dialogue options.


-Is better run first BoW before A Glimpse Beyond, run first A glimpse or is irrelevant.

-Vatnir have some special dialogue in this quest?.


Before begin SSS is recommendable run first other quest? Same question for FS.


My interest is see interactions and dialogues and dont lose some  scene, no power gaming.




Thanks in advanced




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From what I know there are some changes in dialogue in a Glimpse Beyond quest if you do it after BoW. Vatnir has one extra line I think.


There is also one quest in base game that involves the circle of archmagi and from what I've seen in the dialogue files there are some changes if you do the quest after TFS.


Not sure if there's a quest related to SSS? Drawing a blank in this case.

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The Royal Deadfire Company quest on Sayuka involving the underwater ruins has some slightly different dialogue based on your resolution of SSS.  However, if you do that quest before SSS it can result in you


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