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GPU Usage 99%



Dear Obsidian team and dear devs, dear forum members,

tell me please anybody... How to reduce the usage of GPU (mainly 3d part) when playing POE.

It is frustrating to see use 99% of GTX 970 use when playing.


And if i will reduce resolution to 1024, decrease quality to low - i still get 99% of GPU use... :facepalm:

How this can be fixed? What should i do?


please please please.



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So, seems that solution was found.


For me worked adding "-force-d3d11"  (without " ") in the shortcut for the game!

FPS increased from 24 to 60 on GTX 970 ; GPU memory use about 35-45% instead of initial 99%.


During my search for solution i also have found following advices:

1) Remove NVidia and Win10 overlays

2) update drivers

3) optionary there was an advice to add "-force-opengl"      i didnt tried it

4) Run .exe as administrator


I will make a short report how The game will be played with d3d11

Have to add that i use gog version.


Best regards!

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