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Some bugs and glitches I encountered during today gameplay, Mostly I had fun but here are some things to consider


-Fighter Eder is useless, doesn't do any damage - balance issue. Single target attacks are too weak in bigger fights. One weapon fighter does 20dmg, spells do 120dmg easily

-Forgotten Catacomb - Area broken, every enemy will attack at first combat.
-Serafen's Mind-Blades make enemies disappear making them untargetable until they had their turn

-Sometimes spells can jump around if they go down to next round in turn order box.

-When clicking on End Turn button, game waits for half second then jumps to next player, speeding up this would make for faster and exciting gameplay.

-Buffs and de-buffs sometimes are for 1 round? like Priest Circle of Protection, why ever use it? It needs to stay up at least 3-4 rounds, spending an entire turn on it



Thanks for adding this mode, love this game!


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Hello soulwizard!


Thank you for reporting all of these!  It looks like the majority have already been reported and looked into,  but I'll be putting the rest into reports for the team to investigate.  if you discover anything else or have feedback about Turn-Based Mode, please continue to let us know :)


Thanks again for the help and I'm glad you are enjoying Turn-based Mode in Deadfire!

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