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Suggestion/request: show enemy distance in tooltip

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One issue I'm having with TB mode is that it can sometimes be uncertain whether moving closer to an enemy will allow me to attack them right away. For example, if my character has an arquebus and can move 10.2. and the enemy is arquebus range+10.3m away then moving closer still won't get me in range, but I don't know that until I try it.


There's a little tooltip above the enemy's head which shows chance to hit and pen Vs AR. I wonder if it would be possible to also have that tooltip show the enemy's distance from the selected character?

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Hey House!


Thank you for the awesome suggestion :)  I put a report in for this and sent it to the team to consider.  If you think of anything else you might want to add about displaying enemy distance, please feel free to do so here as I have linked this thread into the report to be used as a reference.

Thanks again for all the help!

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Something I suggested somewhere alse - enemy movement range preview of some kind. Right now there is not way to know how far an enemy can move, and that is quite a staple of Turn-Based games. 


Now, if @house2fly suggestion (distance of an enemy from currently controlled character) were implimenting, giving a numerical preview of enemy movement (we can see it on UI during their turn only) would be enough, but something more fancy like a "movement range ring" around them when hovered over is something I wouldn't mind having.


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