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2). lack of enemy defense debuffing comparable to Painful Interdiction. And it was giving: -28 fortitude, -24 will, -8 reflex, -10 accuracy, 15% attack speed penalty, -2 move speed, -6% damage, 10% lower hp, -10% effects duration, and enabling sneak attacks; in a 5m AoE...



I think this is more just a function of the role of the priest having changed in Deadfire. I just have made peace with the fact that the priest of Deadfire is just nowhere near like a priest in PoE1 for debuffing (much of that is a function of how differently prones function in Deadfire).

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I would not call Priests weak, I just find them less exciting than the other available casters.




it is easy to get stuck in a predictable buff+buff+heal cycle with single-class priests.  the reduced priestly spell catalog compared to poe further limits gameplay variation when one reflects 'pon reasonable expectations and previous experience. 


have made numerous observations 'bout problems and fixes for priests.  










however, am not predicting any major changes for priests so far removed from initial game release. recognizing no new expansions is forthcoming, am foreseeing only minor balance patch alterations for deadfire priests.  gonna need wait for poe3?  probable.


HA! Good Fun!

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I'm starting to think single Cipher is better than I initially thought. They can really turn a battle and has some nice buffs as well. Gonna create an Ascendant once I'm done w Sera :p

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