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[Request] Simple Lights option?


Could we get an option for lights that does not involve dynamic lightning and shadows?


The 'Lights' option is a massive resource hog with all the shadows and flickering and whatnot. But if it's off, the light sources don't do anything and the game becomes extremely dark! Is it possible to add an option to have simple cones of light around the torches etc. without all the dynamic stuff?


The attached pictures are form Port Maje governor's mansion, showing the difference between Lights option on and off. The lights are necessary to see anything, but they also kill my framerate. Turning off lights just disables any kind of lightning effect altogether. Can't there be something in the middle?



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I've always wander, why they don't rendering backgrounds with lights? Just render it with all damn lights (like it was in PoE 1) and then just add dynamic shadows by turning "Dynamic lights" option ON - exluding torches and Xoti Lantern all lights in game is static!


Who knows... There a very strange mans and womans working in Obsidian ;)

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