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Crash when leaving Hall of the Unseen



Hi! Until today I never had any serious bug issues with Deadfire, but now I entered the Hall of the Unseen, and every time I want to leave it the game crashes (while loading the overland map). 

I have savegames from before, so it's okay for now, but I really want to play The Forgotten Sanctum in a while, which I guess won't be possible if I can't leave the place afterwards.

Is there anything I can do, or are y'all aware of the problem and will fix it?

(Savegame apparently too big to upload.)

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Hello Joni,


I'm sorry you are running into this transition crash issue.  There have been a few reports of this, but some can have different reasons for happening.  I'll have the Programming team investigate this one to see if it is fixed in a future patch or if this one still needs to be taken care of.

Thank you for sending us these files and sorry for the inconvenience these crashes are causing.

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I am also having this problem.  I tried deleting the local files, as well as checking the integrity of the game files, and neither has worked.  I logged out and am repeating all those steps, just to see if I get a different result...


And crash.  I have attempted to attach the files.


Can't attach all files but can send in DM if Obsidian person reaches out.


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