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Has anyone done the math on how dex/action speed/recovery time bonuses stack with each other? I am wondering if dex works similar to might in that the more bonuses you have the less value you get from each point. I am looking at Warlock for example which has a significant amount of action speed bonuses(frenzy, fleet feet, bloodlust, bloodthirst, frenzy ward). The you also have items like helm of the falcon/devil of caroc breastplate/miscreant leathers/etc. to stack even more bonuses. Would there still be good return in maxing dex with all these attack speed/recovery bonuses? Or do the points return less value after stacking all these bonuses?

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Please check the [mechanics] Attack Speed thread on this very section of the forum.


In short, yes it has diminushing return but as action speed tend to be more rare than damage ones (especially with weapons), it tends to be less critical than for might.

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