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In my recent playthrough I've decided to make Konstanten a single-classed Chanter. And... I'm not sure how good he is at it. I'm level 12 now and trying to use him more, but it's not working out too well. He's a Skald, so summoning is harder for him. He'd be great at spamming Killers Froze Stiff, but his crap Intellect means his affliction durations are short. I tried giving him a single weapon to score crits and rack up phrases, but it doesn't seem to work. Granted, I seem to have gone into an area that outlevels me - the catacombs under Berath's temple. His stats seem really more suited to a barbarian, so maybe I should just make him a tank and have him chant phrases? Not sure. Has anyone managed to make him work?

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There are a lot of synergies you can compound when multiclassing him, but they take a while to realize


barb + chanter + morningstar modal + chant that debuffs might/weakens + brute force + barbaric blow + bloody slaughter + eld nary is pretty good

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