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What would you like for an hypotetical PoE3?

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101 replies to this topic

Poll: In case there is a PoE3, what story would you like? (87 member(s) have cast votes)

In case there is a PoE3, what story would you like?

  1. Continue the Watcher's saga (52 votes [59.77%])

    Percentage of vote: 59.77%

  2. Start a new history with a new character (35 votes [40.23%])

    Percentage of vote: 40.23%

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I think something like Dark Souls is so popular not because of one aspect, but because it is more than the sum of it's parts. I think the IE games were like that.

My understanding is that a large part of the CURRENT popularity of the Souls games is their infamous challenge level. The Dark Souls games are still very much known as insanely challening, mechanically demanding games, and all the Souls-Like game are billed as much the same. Completing a Souls game is an achievement by the very nature of the games.


Completing Deadfire, even on TOI POTD, isn't seen as as much of an achievement, because it's a knowledge based challenge, which really isn't regarded as impressively. I'm not honestly sure there can be too much comparison.


Hmmm maybe accoring to unoriginal games journalists. But lets face it Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are a league ahead of 2 and 3. Because the latter have just latched onto the difficulty bollocks, not what actually made the games good. But i digress... what were we talking about?



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The #1 want for me is improved non-combat systems. Before Magran's Fires with stuff like spoiled food and repairing items, the games feels completely focused on combat, bc dialogue checks are nothing more than increasing a few passive skills. Like a pretty picture that only comes to life when you're fighting. I'd like to have better dialogue and trading systems, better crafting, better stronghold, disposition, and relationships systems. I want the world to feel challenging as a whole not just the combat.

For me almost everything you're asking for would just become tedious busy work you have to juggle. The combat is what a lot of people are here for, with dialog and plot being a secondary concern. All that other stuff is just annoyances I don't want in the way of what I'm playing for.

We all have our preferences. I play these games for everything in them other than the combat, and combat is the pain-in-the-ass tedious busywork chore I have to tolerate and slog through in order to enjoy the rest of the game.

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