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Looking to make the most out of the Rangers pet

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If you like to use Takedown Combo (+100% base damage bonus for the next attack that hits the enemy - only costs 1 Bond) you need a way to lower Fortitude (because that's what Takedown Combo rolls against). That's why I played a melee Geomancer with a Morning Star. The Animal Companion can then put Takedown Combo onto your enemy and you can cast a high dmg,single target spell on that enemy - for example Killing Bolt. You will do double base dmg * Power Level bonus then.

On top comes all the Animal Companion stuff like Stalker's Link, Predator's Sense and so on.

On-kill effects will not trigger on you if your AC kills something.

Question on the Morningstar. I’m assuming you used Willbreaker? Do you have to avoid the DOT upgrade because it can interfere with the 100% damage on next attack? I am not familiar if DOTs can take precedence and consume the buff.

Yes, Willbreaker (lowers Will besides Fortitude). Also because I used Essential Phantom with Draining Touch (targets Will) a lot alongside my animal companion.

DoT-ticks don't interfere with Takedown Combo. Only attacks that go through attack resolution will count.

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