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I'm considering starting a PotD solo run using a build based on the Deep Leap.  I have a bunch of mechanics questions and build advice to ask before I get started!


  1. Does the Deep Leap combo still work?  I looked over the patch notes I could find and didn't see anything that looked like a nerf, but always best to check.
  2. Is the second bounce from Driving Flight absolutely required for the combo to work, or just nice-to-have?  I'm wondering if I could play a Trickster/Ascendant variant using the initial flurry of hits to proc Ascended at the beginning of the fight, then clean up with Cipher spells.  You get one bounce from the scepter itself, plus additional hits from Blast, the Rogue DoTs, and Ondra's Wrath.  Is that enough?
  3. I imagine big, scary single targets will be the main sticking point (since the Deep Leap combo will cheese packs).  My plan is to use a secondary melee setup for them (bolstered by Cipher buffs/debuffs if that's possible).  What weapon setup should I use for this?  One-handed style?  Sword+shield?  Is Aldris Blade my go-to endgame weapon for the heal-on-crit, or is there something else that's better?
  4. Since the whole point of the combo is to hit a bajillion times, I imagine on-hit effects are good, but most of those appear on weapons.  I've found Ring of Clenched Muscle and Devil of Caroc Breastplate for additional on-hit benefits.  Are there more that I'm missing?
  5. Are there any summons that are valid targets for ally-only Cipher spells that are easier to acquire than Concelhaut?  Figurine summons don't work, sadly.

Any other advice would also be welcome.  Thanks!

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1. It got nerfed. Ondra's Wave is not considered a ranged attack anymore and thus doesn't jump with Driving Flight and WS' Focus' own jump anymore. Result is: less triggering of Ondra's Wave. The combo is still good but not as broken as before. Since I don't think that Ondra's Wave generates focus (?) it might not matter at all in this case. But I never tested that.


You'll need something to pack enemies into tight groups - like Sparkcrackers/Dazzling Lights/Pull of Eora or so. That way you'll make sure you generate maximum focus with every shot.


2. Nice to have. Good thing about your plan: the first attack from stealth (with Blast it might generates enough focus to ascent) will skip the very long recovery from Blast - because the first attack from stealth gets a 85% recovery bonus (which nearly nullifies the first recovery). So if it's enough you can immediately start to cast your cipher powers while ascended.


3. Put something like Red Hand or Dragon's Dowry into your second weapon slot.


4. Get Ring of the Marksman, too.


5. No idea.

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Thanks!  Good to hear from the expert.


I'm planning on using Trickster as the non-Ascendant half of the build, so I'll have easy access to Dazzling Lights.


Isn't having a ranged secondary weapon going to be very risky in solo play?  I'm imagining being stuck in longer, more drawn-out fights with single big enemies who survive the initial burst from stealth, where I'm forced to go toe-to-toe with them for a little while (so the Unfit for Melee trait and long reload times would be bad for me).  Is kiting around with the Rogue escape skills and shooting from range out of invis is a better tactic for this?

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