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Fyonlecg and Jon Irenicus

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I believe so many people were "unimpressed" by Eothas rampaging trough the deadfire simply because they just did not believe it, and many that did were not sure of what was going on. The player had privileged first hand information. There was also the children of the downstars getting dreams and visions, but many treated them as fanatics.

On the player's knowledge of the real nature of the gods, I guess you could do your best to spread this information by yourself, It would always be detorted or doubted, not only by the hand occult or the leaden key, but also by the people in general. Even if you had some kind of proof, there are so many eager to deny plain truth in name of their beliefs. The only straightfoward solution was Eothas's: crush the wheel and let the nations assemble to fix it. And even in that scenario, I am quite sure Engwith's lies would be able to persevere to some extent.

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The god of collateral damage made good job biawaking most witnesses.
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