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So I just recently finished my first playthrough of Deadfire and am looking forward to getting the DLC and playing through it again.


However, I had two endings that really bothered me. The first is due to a bug where Pallegina leaves me for absolutely no reason, but I've already reported them.


The second, however, bothers me 100% more, because I could have changed it. So. I romance Maia and max out her relationship, but her ending slide results in the "Dishonorable Discharge" ending which ultimately ruined my Watcher's relationship. My question is, is there a way to side with the Principi (Furrante) AND get the ending where Maia remains in the Navy, but she is convinced what they are doing is wrong?


Any help would be dope. Thank you.

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Not that I know of.  I managed to get Maia's good ending in spite of slaughtering most of the RDC due to rejecting their assassination proposal.  Think it has to do with who you ultimately side with.  I chose to go on my own to Ukaizo and told her after her quest that assassination wasn't a good look and that the RDC should do better.

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don't talk to her at all will get the good ending

don't convince her to stay after complete her quest will avoid dishonorable discharge ending

So do you mean complete her quest and then after joining the Principi don't talk to her again?


don't complete her quest will be simpler

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