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I thought I would post in here since I assume many of you hardcore fans also play the physical card game. I was inspired to acquire the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and now own the base game, character add-on deck, and all 6 adventure decks. I was hoping the rules would be more detailed on how to build the location decks throughout the adventure, but I have found them to be somewhat lacking. I have read from various apocryphal sources that you have the option of removing any card you encounter with the "basic" trait any time after reaching AD 3, and you can remove cards with the "elite" trait once you reach AD 4. Can any of you confirm this?


I have been spoiled by the electronic game doing this type of behind-the-scenes setup for me. I have several friends I would like to play with, but they are turned off by sitting around an iPad. I'm also looking forward to playing without worrying about the glitches we have been complaining about for so long.

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Well, among our gaming group, we own complete Runelords and Skull&Shackles (that is mine), so I probably classify as a 'hardcore fan'.

The basic and elite trait removal is covered in the Adventure Path card (I was looking for it once and could not find it). Both Basic and Elite cards are removed if and only if the card is banished.

That is, once you start AD 3, instead of banishing any bane you encounter with the Basic trait, you must remove it from the game. That is, after defeating the bane, usually. You may do the same with Basic boons, but you are not required to - I am looking at you, Cure! If you encounter a boon with the Basic trait, remember you may banish it instead of attempting any check to acquire - that is, if Sajan does not want a weapon, he may immediately banish it. This counts as 'failing to acquire' the boon, however. Permanent closing also starts with banishing any cards, temporary closing does not allow you to banish cards.

Once you start AD 5, you must+may do the same for Elite trait. Not AD 4!


When building the locations, you cannot banish / remove from the game anything as you should not know what is in there.

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So when building decks you just take random card that belong to level B © to your adventure level.

So if you Are level 3 and location says it includes 2 weapons you randomly put two weapon cards from level B to 3 at that location. And if you encounter and banish a card that is basic, you may banish it, not for any other reason.

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