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People as in "plural."  One or two annoyed isn't a big deal, especially if they also declare they hate you.

Oh, well I'm annoyed then. Pretty sure Boeroer and AndreaColombo are too judging from their participation in this thread. Is that enough people yet?

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"As the murderhobo mantra goes: 'If you can't kill it, steal it.'" - Prince of Lies

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Not really. But could you please close this thread? Because obviously it wasn't created to get help but only to annoy people.


Just look at the initial question and the reaction to constructive suggestions


"How do you kill xy".


"Like so".


"Don't think it works because my Herald Isso good" (it isn't).


"Then like so".


"Might work, but your answer is too long so I don't bother reading it. Instead I will keep spamming the forum with statements about how good Heralds are".


I don't think anything fruitful will come from this. I doubt anything fruitful will come from Marigoldran at all, but one could start with this thread...

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I mean, I would have stopped posting on this thread a while ago if the other dudes stopped posting here, too, and let it decay.  And yet they would just keep on continuing.  


I already figured out how to beat my herald.  I've already moved on.  

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