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Hello Guys,


I'am back on POE2. I saw a lot of thing have changed...


What is the current situation on each class ?


For Citzal lance ? Possible to combo ? 


For WotEP ? Possible to combo ?


What is the situation for Wizard ?


For Devoted ? When I retired, Obsidian nerf the mob stance ?


I see 4 seconds on paralysis for chanter. Others big nerfs for this class ?


I am Lost now, I want a remedial course : p

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Meta? Streetfighter or single class Wizard, I guess?


For Citzal, nothing has changed, combos well with Monk and Fighter.


WotEP was nerffed a fair bit, only good when you're consistently hitting multiple enemies... should prob multiclass with Monk or something.


Wizard is very good as usual.


Fighter got the 1.1 nerfs, nothing after that. Cleave Stance and Charge were gutted mostly, but it's still a fine class, and the base of most of my martial multiclasses even today.


Chanter... not really, I think. Drake got hit too, but otherwise those were the nerfs.


If you're feeling lost, just check the recent discussions or something. Or hope for someone less lazy to write something about every class =)

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I’ve got a mod on the Nexus that undoes a fair deal of the 1.1 nerfs, if you’re interested—but the focus is very much on items.


I don’t recall there being any other massive blanket nerf after 1.1; a few balancing changes, but that’s about it.

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