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Level Scaling causing issues against 3-skull bosses in early game?

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This should be in the PoE2 forum as it's for the sequel, obviously.


I've been playing PoE2 for a while and it's been fairly easy on Normal difficulty with level scaling enabled to everything (not selected "Scale only upwards").

So with these settings, the game should bring down higher level enemies too right? However some of the early game bosses are really difficult, like the Grub Mother in Neketaka Ruins and now the Ewigthian Construct in the desert area. Both of these are 3-skull enemies when nearly everything else has been 0-1-skull.

I'm using Eder as Fighter tank, Pallegrina Paldin melee dps, Aloth as a wizard and Xoti and MC as Priest healers, no multiclassing. Characters are around lvl 7. The Construct boss is supposed to be lvl 11 according to the Wiki, which is still pretty high?

Any tips?

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